You are currently viewing 大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日!

大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日!

国庆日快乐!在马来西亚国民 62 周年国庆日之际,Google 将马来西亚的国花——大红花搬上了 Google Doodle,也简单地向大家介绍这个马来西亚国庆的历史以及其由来。

Google Doodle,马来西亚 62 周年国庆日

马来西亚 62 周年国庆日的 Google Doodle

Today’s Doodle depicts Malaysia’s national flower in honor of Malaysia’s Independence Day, known locally as Hari Merdeka.

On this day in 1957, the Federation of Malaya became a sovereign state after many years of British rule. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first Chief Minister, read an official declaration at Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Merdeka before a crowd of some 20,000 people.

Soon after the establishment of the new Southeast Asian nation, Malaysia adopted the hibiscus rosa-sinesis as its bunga raya, which translates literally as “celebratory flower” to reflect the celebration of unity in a multicultural nation. With its 5 petals representing the 5 principles of Malaysia’s national philosophy or rukun negara, the flower appears on much of the country’s currency. The Doodle art evokes the flower through the Malay tradition of metallic songket embroidery, a technique for embellishing fabrics with gold, long prized by nobility and royals.

The Malaysian flag, locally known as Jalur Gemilang or “Stripes of Glory,” will fly proudly today on government buildings, private homes, and vehicles. The flag’s 14 alternating red and white stripes, as well as its 14-pointed star, represent the member states and territories of the federation.

Festivities are centered in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, but concerts, sporting events, and cultural exhibitions take place all over the country. The main Merdeka Parade includes a royal procession and elaborate floats as well as a military contingent, topped off with an evening of fireworks.

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

其实这并非大红花首次出在 Google Doodle 上现身,在 2012 及 2014 年的国庆日上也 Google 也以类似的方式庆祝。大红花亦称“朱槿”,是在 1963 年被时任首相东姑阿都拉曼选为国花,并在 2017 年列为国家遗产。大红花的红色代表勇敢、强大的生命力与快速的繁殖能力,象征了了马来西亚国家与国民生生不息地茁壮成长。五个花瓣代表马来西亚的“国家原则”(Rukunegara),即“信奉上苍、忠於君国,维护宪法、尊崇法治、培养德行”。

大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 1

2014 年马来西亚国庆日的 Google Doodle

2012 年马来西亚国庆日的 Google Doodle

除了大红花外,过去 Google 也设计了一些象征大马的 Google Doodle,其中包括了陀螺、风筝、拉茶及马来亚虎,当然也少不了我们的国旗——辉煌条纹。

大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 3
大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 5
大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 7
大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 9
大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 11
大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 13
大红花再次现身 Google Doogle,与马来西亚国民一同欢庆国庆日! 15


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