You are currently viewing [更新:已解决] 如何处理Huawei / Honor 手机碰上“Google Play Service Updating” 错误

[更新:已解决] 如何处理Huawei / Honor 手机碰上“Google Play Service Updating” 错误

⚠ Huawei P30 后的设备因受 限制无法使用 Google Mobile Service。本文不适用于 2019 年五月后推出的 Huawei 机型。


Google员工在Issue Tracker论坛上发出声明表示,Huawei / Honor机型上”Google Play Services Updating”错误已获得解决,遇到此情况的机主只要到Play Store更新Google Play Service至版本12.6.85即可。


As of 10:00 AM (PDT) on May 21, 2018, Google Play Services version 12.6.85 was pushed to 100%, following the initial beta rollout. We believe this resolves the Google Play Services issue on all impacted Huawei devices.

Huawei is working on a longer term solution which is beneficial to its users and developers.

We apologize for this incident and the impact it may have caused. We are conducting an internal investigation of this issue and will make appropriate improvements to our systems to help prevent future recurrence. Stay tuned for an Incident Report.

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日前,各大Huwei组群陆续有机主碰到”Google Play services are updating”的情况,导致在使用应用程序如Grab、Agoda等无法正常操作。

据了解,这是由Google Play Services 版本12.6.73所造成的错误,而Huawei和Google已经找到其中的原因并正在修复这项错误。目前,外国网友提供了两项应急措施:1. 清空Google Play Service资料2.加入Google Play Service 公测

1. 清空Google Play Service资料

  1. 进入手机的设定页面,从“应用和通知”中找“应用管理”
  2. 在应用程式列表向下滑找到”Google Play服务”后进入
  3. 选择“存储”后,从“管理空间”内点击“清除所有数据”


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2. 加入Google Play Service公测

Google内部的发言人表示,运行Android Nougat 或更新版本的Huawei / Honor机主不妨加入Google Play Service公测


完成以上步骤后,到 “设置” > “应用和通知” > “应用管理” > “Google Play 服务” > “存储” > “管理空间” > “清除所有数据” 后重启手机即可。



Starting today at midnight (Pacific Time), the beta will be rolled-out to a segment of the community that has signed-up for the Google Play Services Public Beta Program. It will ramp to increasing segments of the beta audience over the next few days. We invite you to join the beta program at to obtain an early release of this and future versions of Google Play Services. Once beta testing is complete it will be rolled out in stages to all users.

Huawei / Honor机主们,以上的方法是否解决了你的问题?又或是你找到了更有效的解决方法?请在下方留言和我们分享你的经验。

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